NO PAIN (EP 2020)


  • Recording of clean vocals on choruses (“Prey”)
  • Recording of growls (“Prey”)
  • Composition of lyrics (“Incantation”, “Prey”, “Afraid of Myself”, “Not Alone”)

NO PAIN – No Pain (EP 2020)

1. Prey – Feat. Nathalie Markoch
2. Incantations
3. Not Alone
4. Afraid of Myself

Peruvian alternative metal / post-grunge / hard rock band NO PAIN released its debut EP in March 2020. We did a collaboration (clean vocals on choruses and growls) for their first single “Prey”. A lyric video was launched on their Youtube Channel.

For the song “Incantations” I came up with the concept, the lyrics, and part of the vocal melody. The lyrics and vocal melodies of the following tracks: “Not Alone”“Prey” and “Afraid of Myself” was a co-collaboration with Rafael Nuñez and Percy Flores.

Listen to the full EP on any virtual platform. If you click on the image below, you will be opening the EP on Spotify.

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