Nathalie Markoch

Metal Singer (operatic style, clean vocals & growls), Songwriter, Lyricist & Conceptualist based in Lima – Peru.

Poetry was her first approach into the creative flow at the age of 13. Nathalie was very much into grunge/alternative rock when she first listened to metal at the age of 17. Strong inspiration surged to create her own music, so she taught herself to sing, write songs, create vocal melodies and lyrics. She starting singing in an operatic style, which she then developed into strong clean vocals and a brutal growling technique.

In 2006, Nathalie begun doing live shows in the Local Metal Scene with various bands and was part of the first Nightwish and Epica Live Tribute Band in Peru. She formed her own band to preform the songs from her upcoming album. In 2014, she published her first debut album as a Solo Artist entitled “Influences & Connections Vol. 1” in digipack format, reaching even the Japanese market.

In 2015, she founded NMK (Now Mankind Knows) alongside Elias Checco (guitar) and Rafael Nuñez (manager), a melodic death/progressive metal band, endorsed by AMT Electronics (RUS). In 2017, they released their first single “Lack of Judgment” and in 2018, they published their debut album entitled “Ravenous Spectre“, which was internationally very well received. NMK started playing live at various festivals right away (Metal United World Wide, Lima Metal Fest 3 – alongside Katon from Hirax & opening for Fates Warning, Behemoth, The Agonist, Enthroned, etc. – Also, being opening acts for Tren Loco, Opera Magna, Anna Fiori, Cellar Darling, Anabanta, etc). They’ve recently participated in the Online Festival “Heresy Fest Online 2” (ARG) in August 2020.

Since 2014 she’s been doing several Collaborations as a recording artist, songwriter/lyricist and guest live singer for various bands like No Pain, Mindwalker, Ancestral Dawn, Ghoul Scream, Pegasus, Psicorragia, etc. She’s recently relaunched her Youtube Channel.

Nathalie has various other side projects: Perception Shifter (Writer), Oblak (Artist) and Haaraknit (Granmmaster in Alternative Therapies, Healing Facilitator sp. in Regenerative Detoxification, Metaphysician, Mystic & Spiritual Mentor.