A tremendous shift

Well, the thing is that… there is so much going on that I was clueless as how to present everything at the best of my ability. Some of you may know (that is if you are following me on social media) that I said that I wanted to share more about what I’ve been doing in the last 10 years aside of music.

So, that’s why I took my sweet time to take a look at all the material I’ve been involved in and to organize it in a way that it can be articulated and presented in an easy to read way.

I would like to explain here a bit about what you’ll encounter in this particular website. I’m working on uploading all the music I’ve been involved in making, as well as interviews, media and everything related to the almost 12 years of being a metal singer, songwriter & lyricist.

You all know I released my first album as a solo artist entitled “Influences & Connections Vol. 1” in 2014 after playing live in the Peruvian Metal Scene for some years. Then in 2015 I founded NMK (Now Mankind Knows), a melodic death metal band, along Elias Checco (guitar) and Rafael Nuñez (manager). We published “Ravenous Spectre”, our debut album, in March 2018.

My “main website” is like a hub for all projects I’m working on. Since music is a big project that I truly enjoy, I decided to create a separate website just for my passion for metal.

There you will find Perception Shifter, which is a space I’ve created in collaboration with the custom art of the amazing Valmark. I write articles about my experience in my own personal consciousness evolution process.

Oblak is another project of mine regarding the poetry of articulated unyielded potential, an exploration of the true feminine, the unknown/unknowable/unfathomable. It is currently under construction, I hope to be able to launch it sometime this year.

And last but not least, there is Haaraknit. Now, Haaraknit is a very tricky challenge for me to talk about. It is a sacred space I’ve created for my practice as a Grandmaster of Integral Alternative Therapies and as a specialist in Regenerative Detoxification.

I’d been suffering from very serious very complicated illnesses (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) since I was 12 y/o that almost took my life in several occasions throughout the years. I managed to heal myself through various modalities and techniques based on metaphysics, high alchemy, regenerative detoxification and further various intuitive practices.

When people around me noticed the great change within and without me, they asked me for help regarding their own issues. After great results working with them, I decided to open Haaraknit to the public (independent consultation office that later became a virtual one due to the global health crisis). That website is currently on the process of being completed to be launched this year as well.

So there it is. I wanted to take the time to write this and to let you all know that I will be updating this website regularly with old and new material so that everything regarding music (aside NMK, which has its own website) can be stored here.


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